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Frozen Beverage Equipment

      Frozen Beverage Dispensers

     • Omega Visual Flavor Machines
     • Crathco Gravity Freezers
     • Omega Blenders
     • Vita-Mix Portion Control Blenders

Omega Blenders 
Omega Blenders from Vineland Syrup Omega Blenders from Vineland Syrup Omega Blenders from Vineland Syrup
Combining control and capacity is what Omega blenders do best. A compact base incases an efficient 1 HP motor engineered to mix a variety of ingredients into creams, soups, smoothies and iced beverages with ease. Find the ideal balance between blending options and operating efficiency with an Omega blender. 
• Unbreakable Tritan Copolyester Container
• On/Off & High/Low Controls
• Recessed Coupling System
• Self Lubricating Ball Bearings
• Large Metal Cooling Fan
• Available in 120V/60Hz and 240V/50Hz 
Don't forget... We also carry Ice Makers and Royale Flavors
Vita-Mix Portion Control Blenders
Vita-Mix pportion control blenders from Vineland Syrup 
The Portion Blending System®Advance
has a large 5 gallon / 19.0L hopper that automatically dispenses precise amounts of ice based on weight. The ice is then fed into the blender container and thoroughly homogenized with ANY drink mix and/or other ingredients.
  • FAST! One-button simplicity. Easily programmed to make up to 4 drinks (up to 60 oz. / 1.8 L) at one time. Or create your own programs right from the touch pad.
  •  PRECISE! Holds 5 gallons / 19.0 L of ice and dispenses exact amounts of shaved ice for a perfect frozen drink every time.
  •  VERSATILE! Use any mix with ice plus ingredients to create perfectly blended frozen drinks.
  •  RELIABLE! Designed and built for worry-free operation. No technicians or tools needed for adjustments or cleaning. No calibration, ever!
  •  USER FRIENDLY! Easy to operate with state-of-the-art electronics.
  •  HOMOGENIZED! Drinks are blended, not just stirred. You can taste and see the difference.
  •  SAFE! Lid interlock prevents injury; shaver will not run unless cover is in place.
  •  EXPAND YOUR MENU! Market your company by offering unique signature drinks that can only be made with a Portion Blending System®.
  •  AUTOMATIC! Touch pad alerts user to low ice conditions
Crathco Electric Control Beverage Freezers 
Grindmaster's new Crathco 5000 Series Electric Control Beverage Freezers are ideal for serving smoothies, shakes, frozen cappuccino, cocktails, granitas, and a variety of other frozen beverages. 
We also carry Slush Flavors and Frozen Drink Mixes for use in your Crathco units
Please contact your sales representative for pricing and availability.
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