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We Specialize in remote draft systems and automatic cleaning systems.

Ask for a quote on a new system or an upgrade to your existing system.


  • Remote Draft Systems

  • Under Bar Draft Valves

Beer Towers

Glycol Chillers

Nitrogen (N2) / Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Blenders


Glycol Chillers
Recirculating Glycol Chillers
75 - 450 FT. Run Length
Beer Towers
Single Pedestal Tower 6 Faucet T Tower
Stainless Steel
  10 Faucet "Pass Thru" Tower
Stainless Steel
Vienna Ellipse Ceramic Draft Beer Tower - 8 Faucets - Glycol Cooled
Add a unique, Old World look to any bar with beautiful ceramic towers.
Draft Beer Tower Features:
Available in 22 colors with your choice of Chrome or Brass hardware. (Tap Handle not included)
Customized logos have proven to increase Draft Beer sales, and can be added for a one time setup charge.
Under Bar Systems
Nitrogen (N2) / Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Blenders
Vineland Syrup Trumix Blender
The Vineland Syrup Trumix blender can provide any establishment with extremely accurate on-site C02/N2 blending; all Vineland Syrup blenders are guaranteed to be accurate within 2%. The use of C02 and N2 in conjunction with an accurate blender, is an extremely important part of any draft beer system to help insure that proper carbonation levels are maintained in the products being served. On-site blending can also help reduce gas costs by up to 75% in comparison to purchasing premixed bottles of C02/N2 and also reduce the amount of time spent changing bottles.

The Vineland Syrup Trumix blender is tamper proof and fully automatic. This blender has been carefully engineered to provide an extra long life. Banner Equipment stocks blenders with the two most common C02/N2 blends required, but any custom blend is available.

GB-7525 - Single blend 25% C02 - 75% N2 - 15 kegs per hour
GB-7525HF - Single blend 25% C02 - 75% N2 - 30 kegs per hour
GB-6040 - Single blend 60%C02 - 40% N2 - 15 kegs per hour
GB-6040HF - Single blend 60%C02 - 40% N2 - 30 kegs per hour
GB-2 - Double blend 1) 25% C02 - 75% N2 2) 60% C02 - 40% N2 - 15 kegs per hour
GB-2HF - Double blend 1) 25% C02 - 75% N2 2) 60% C02 - 40% N2 - 30 kegs per hour
* All units require a 70 psi. inlet - High pressure C02 and N2 regulators required.
We also carry the compressed gases you need.
Please contact your sales representative for pricing and availability.
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